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Murals For Children

     I just signed a contract to design and paint all of the murals for children at another Goddard School.  If you are not familiar with Goddard Schools, they are a nationwide chain of childcare providers.  I am fortunate the new school is in Denver.  It is close enough to home; a hotel will not be necessary.

     When I paint murals for Goddard Schools, they have me complete a mural for each classroom and a large main mural.  This school has 12 classrooms.  The clients decide on a theme, and each classroom is named and has a character relating to the topic.    

     The Park Hill Goddard in Denver has decided to have insects as their theme.  Now, this is a challenge to make insects cute and appealing to very young children.  They have even included spiders!  I have my work cut out for me.  Once the classrooms are named, then each class character is represented in the main mural.  It is very much like illustrating a book.  The murals illustrations have to flow and work together to create a children's decor.

     I am currently working on the designs for each character.  These are very rough sketches, to give the client an idea of the characters.  Once approved, I do a drawing that is to scale, showing how it will appear on the wall.

Check back and follow my progress as I complete the murals.  Once I am at the location and ready to paint, I estimate it will take me about 3 1/2 weeks to complete the project.  


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