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Watercolor Daisies by Laura Peters

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     Early mornings are my favorite time of day to enjoy the gardens.  Since we live close to the mountain foothills, it cools down nicely at night.  The fresh air and the lighting make it perfect for photographing the flowers for my paintings.  I spend some time harvesting flowers for fresh bouquets, deadheading, and making sure all the plants are well.  

     Once it begins to warm up, I head inside to work in the studio.  Today, I am settled in and working on my Watercolor Daisies Painting.  The shasta daisies in the garden were  heart-stopping in July.  I was immediately inspired to paint them.  If you look closely, you will see by the pencil lines, I still have a few flowers to go at the top of the painting.  Notice how I paint the background along the way; I never save it until the end.

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Just finished the Watercolor Daisies.  I will be working on the lesson to share with you on our blog soon.


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