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We hope you enjoy browsing the whimsical characters I have created for children.  Curl up with a good book, relax under an inviting mural, or spark the creativity in every child with an art lesson.

Children's Books Illustrated By Laura Peters

Children's Books Illustrated By Laura Peters

Different But The Same

Different But The Same / Illustrated by Laura Peters

Summer camp has just begun for Kenzi, Juan, and Sara.  This year, the summer program will hold its very first Diversity Day.  As the three friends work together, they discover what diversity means for their friendship.

Warm Toes

Warm Toes / Illustrated by Laura Peters

A fun trip to the city brings Kenzi and her friend Valeria face-to-face with an issue that leaves the girls wondering what they can do to help.

A Day In The Forest

A Day In The Forest / Illustrated by Laura Peters

In the story, a nearby forest burned the previous year, and Kenzi and her family volunteer in their community's first-ever reforestation project.  Kenzi learns the importance of teamwork, friendship, and much more.  After working hard, she gets the biggest surprise of all; it's the chance to see something she has only imagined in her dreams.

Silly Sally's Show-And-Tell

Silly Sally's Show-And-Tell / Illustrated by Laura Peters

We meet Kenzi, a girl who loves all kinds of things, especially her doll.  What happens in the story will surprise and delight readers of all ages as Kenzi shows us the true meaning of friendship, kindness, and generosity.

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Laura's books are available on Amazon.  If you click on the image of the book, a link will take you to Amazon.

Murals For Children's Decor

Mural Quotes and Information

Laura has designed and painted both residential and commercial murals nation-wide.  We hope you enjoy viewing a few samples of them.  

If you are interested in a quote, please email your request at the bottom of this page.  

Art Classes For Children

Barnyard Selfie by Laura Peters

Art Classes For Children

We will soon be featuring Art Classes for children on DVD!  If you are interested, please email us below.

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