How To Design A Flower Garden

We are just beginning to design an additional flower garden.  We will add another 900 square feet.  How crazy are we?  Follow our progress as we design the new flower garden.   

Designing A Flower Garden

This will be a fairly large garden.  In order to prepare the soil, we had to call in the big guns.  Luckily, we have a friend who lives on a nearby farm.  He uses the rototiller attachment on his tractor to break up the soil.  Click on the photo to watch the video.

Flower Garden Landscaping

Marking The Path


Since this garden is expansive, we wanted to break it into sections by including garden paths.  We were able to visualize the routes by using garden hoses.  We adjusted them until we liked the shape.  To maintain a consistent width to the path, we cut a board and moved it along the hose lines.  Placing flags adjacent to the lines and then removing the hose, allowed us to use spray chalk to mark the edges.  

Carving The Path


Next, we removed any vegetation from the path.  We carved it with a shovel to make the way as smooth as possible.  This area was part of a pasture.  The landscape was very rough, and we needed to fill in holes as we went along.  The work was strenuous, so I recommend hiring someone to complete this part of the design.

Digging The Trench


We decided on a metal border to keep the stones in place on the paths.  Jim rented a piece of equipment from Home Depot that would carve the trench for the metal.  Trust me, this was the way to go.  Our soil contains clay and is challenging to dig.  This equipment made the installation bearable.  

Installing The Border


The metal fit into the trench easily.  There was an adjustment on the machine for depth.  This border will keep the stones and flowers in their proper place.  It will also give the garden a clean, crisp look.

Preparing The Path


Our next step was to cover the paths with a plastic tarp to prevent weeds from growing in the stones.  We secured the tarp with metal pins.

The Stone Path Is Done


After many wheelbarrows full of stone, the paths are complete.  They meander through the garden with places to pause and rest on a bench or a chair.

Check Back to See Our Progress

The Ideal Method For Visualizing Your Flower Garden Design

If you would like to learn more about designing your garden, visit our blog to find out how you can plant flowers with confidence.