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     We have taken what was once pastures filled with hay and turned them into overflowing flower gardens. Gardening in Colorado doesn't come without challenges.  Our climate is dry, the soil isn't ideal, and of course, there is always a chance of hail (leaving the garden looking like a CSI crime scene).

     When we broke ground for the first garden, my knowledge of gardening was minuscule.  Through the years, I have found Mother Nature to be very resilient.  You can have no idea what you are doing, and plants will bloom in spite of you.  Each year, I have discovered methods for yielding more blooms and better methods on how to care for a flower garden. 

     Join us on our journey as we document our garden transformations,  share tips on how to grow a flower garden, guide you through landscaping ideas, and post photos of our ever-changing farm.

How To Grow Flower Gardens

How We Started

     When we moved to our farm, it had a dirt drive that stretched over 1,000 feet long.  The pastures were abounding with nothing but hay.  It wasn't a beautiful setting, but the property had this peaceful feel that drew us in.  It was enticing to us because of its' mountain views and solitude.  We could envision the possibilities.  When we decided on the name of our farm, we were inspired by our love of Italy.  The name "Antonella" means priceless flower in Italian.  

   We began our journey by laying stone on the long lane leading to the house.  Our landscaping idea was to have the stone drive and parking area encompassed by flower gardens.  Once it was in place, we plowed the first flower garden in the fall.  The initial garden was about 450 square feet.   I thought this garden was huge and wondered how I would ever be able to maintain it.  We currently have about 4,600 square feet of flower gardens.  We just plowed another area that will add another 900 square feet.     

Our Garden Transformation

Sit back and relax as you view our video of our ever-changing gardens.

How to Grow Iris Gardens


       In the spring, the Iris Gardens take center stage.  Jim is my amazing husband, and he started by planting about 800 of them just for me!  Over the last four years, he has divided and transplanted them.  We estimated there were about 4,500 blooms this year.  I hope you can imagine this genuinely stunning display of flowers.  

     I know some who are not fond of iris plants since most do not bloom all summer.  I, on the other hand, find them even more engaging since I know my time to enjoy them is limited.  Our bearded iris garden bloomed for over a month this year.  It was breathtaking!  Take a look at my blog where I give some tips on how to grow irises and what you can do if you want iris blooms throughout the season.


     Peonies are one of my favorites.  The flower symbolizes compassion and  happy life.  With their generous fluffy blooms, how could anyone resist?  There is nothing more stunning than a bouquet of peonies.  I know, they only bloom in the late spring, but they are so worth it.  They are a perennial and can live for over 70 years.  Even when they have finished blooming, their foliage makes a stunning backdrop for the other flowers in your garden.  

     I have some great tips on growing and harvesting peonies for cut flower bouquets. I also have a wonderful place where you can order some irresistible peonies.   Check out my blog to read more.

How To Grow Daisies

Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies/antonellajournals.com

Daisies represent innocence and purity.  What is more endearing than a few daisies placed in a simple container?  We eagerly anticipate the blooming of the daisies every year.

Dwarf Shasta Daisies

Dwarf Shasta Daisies/antonellajournals.com

Daisies are so easy to grow.  Visit our blog to read why I can't have a garden without these gems and enjoy a few growing tips.

How To Grow And Care For Snapdragons


Our Snapdragons At Antonella Farm

How To Grow And Care For Snapdragons

If you grow snapdragons, they are sure to become one of your favorites.  Snapdragons represent graciousness and are a fantastic addition to any garden.  

Be sure to read our blog to find out how to grow snapdragons that have longer stems and twice as many flowers.

How To Keep Your Cut Flower Bouquet Looking Fresh

You won't believe these tips until you try them!

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New In The Garden

Our gardens are continually changing.  We have exciting plans for a new garden area!  Click the button to take a look into our progress.

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