Watercolor Garden Peony by Laura Peters

Antonella Art Studio

The Watercolor Studio at Antonella Farm

     If you are even the tiniest bit creative, I know you will understand what I am about to say. While designing, whether it be in the garden or the art studio, I am at my best; this is when my heart sings.  Ever since I was young, I have gravitated toward art and have always been intrigued by watercolors.  It fascinates me to watch how the paint flows onto the paper. You can only control the paint to a certain extent (the same goes for life in general).  Watercolors will help you let go of trying to control every detail.  They are so captivating because they keep you coming back, and you will never tire of working with them.  

     I have been a watercolor artist for over 40 years.  For many of those years, I have also taught watercolor art classes.  I frequently hear people say, “Watercolors are the most difficult medium.”  I have to disagree.  Once you know a few tricks, I feel they are the most alluring type of paint.    

     Please sign up below if you are interested in the Watercolor Workshops for adults.  I will contact you when the next workshop begins.  In the meantime, you can follow my blog and watch the steps I take to create a painting.  I will include materials and suggestions as well.   

Watercolor Art Classes

Specialized Watercolor Workshops

Watercolor Workshops will be at Antonella Farm located north of Longmont, Colorado. 

We are not currently scheduling Watercolor Workshops.  Sign up below, and we will notify you by email when the next workshop will begin.

WatercolorWorkshops At Antonella Studio

WatercolorWorkshops At Antonella Studio

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Contact us if you are interested in our Watercolor Workshops!

Antonella Journals

Upcoming Offers

Once our gardens are put to bed for the winter, we will be working on Watercolor Classes on DVD.  Drop us a line if you would like more information!

Watercolor Lessons On Our Blog

Learn To Paint A Watercolor Iris

Watercolor Iris by Laura Peters

I explain the steps used to complete a Watercolor Iris.  I also list all of my supplies used for this painting.  Click on the image to read our blog.

Learn To Paint Watercolor Daisies

Watercolor Daisies by Laura Peters

Our blog offers a free lesson on How To Paint Watercolor Daisies.  In the lesson, I will take you step-by-step as we paint our garden daisies.  Click on the image to read more!

Our Watercolor Guide

A Watercolor Guide by Laura Peters

Learning watercolors can seem overwhelming.  Let me help you with an easy to follow guide.  Even if you have a bit of experience, this guide will give you some useful insight.  Click on the image to read our blog.

The Children's Corner

Children's Books

Children's Books Illustrated by Laura Peters

I have illustrated a series of children's books.  Read the engaging story of Kenzi and discover how she cares for others despite her disability.  

Children's Murals

Goddard School Mural / Denver, Colorado / by Laura Peters

I have designed and painted both commercial and residential murals nationwide.  Click on the button to see a small sample of my work.

Children's Art Classes

Barnyard Selfie by Laura Peters

Children enjoy learning how I create my whimsical characters.  I take them step-by-step through the design process.  We are not currently scheduling classes at the studio.  If you are interested in classes for children, click on the button to be placed on the waitlist.  Children's classes on DVD will be coming soon!  

Laura Peters

Laura Peters/antonellajournals.com

I have been a watercolor artist for over 40 years.  I am a published illustrator and an award-winning artist.  I have illustrated children's books, designed and created murals nationwide, and for the past 15 years, I have held art classes  (for children and adults) at my studio in Colorado. 



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